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"I love my permanent eyeliner! It's so easy to get ready in the morning, and... (read more) "

"Having my eyebrows tattooed has been the smartest decision ever. I constantly get compliments on... (read more) "

"I had previously spent over $2000 with Dr. using traditional lasers, and seeing limited results. In only two sessions, and spending a little over $100, my tattoo is almost completely gone. I was very impressed. The process was... (read more) "

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Discover The Benefits Of Permanent Makeup!

Women From Sacramento to Modesto Are Falling In Love With All About You Permanent Cosmetics in Manteca CA. 

Here's Why...

Do you want to feel and look your best every day?

Tired of needing makeup to look bright and alive? Permanent cosmetics are a way to provide a timeless beauty with a natural look. Through the process of micropigmentation, you can enhance your eyes, brows and/or lips, giving you a feeling of confidence and rejuvenation. 

Have you been through breast cancer?

Complete your breast reconstruction & restoration with areola repigmentation. We are passionate about helping women and men improve their self esteem after breast cancer. Through tatooing, an areola is created, bringing the breasts back to their natural look. You deserve to feel whole and complete, and we can help.

Do you want to save time and money? 

Highlight your natural beauty with cosmetic tattoos that take the burn, upkeep, and cost out of your daily routine! With permanent cosmetics, you no longer have to put makeup on everytime you leave the house. You will always look beautiful. Come enhance your natural beauty and discover a radiance you didn’t know you had!

Do you have a tattoo you want removed? We can help!

If it's time for that tattoo to go, give us a call. Tattoo removal doesn't have to be expensive or painful. We provide tattoo removal with Rejuvi. You'll spend a fraction of the cost of laser tatto removal, and get better results! 

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